New Year’s Eve Dinner. EME Catedral Hotel. December the 31st. 2016. Seville

DINNER / 8:0 0 – 11:50 pm.*


Welcome Cocktail
Enlivened by Deejay ISI
Dinner will consist of six acts
embellished by Live Music

First Act / Birth

Sardine Fillet with Arrabiatta Goat Cream and Celery Compote.
Red Mullet, Ginger and Fennel.
Roasted Sea Bream Fillet and Scalloop Shell, Dijon Mustard, Honey and Orange.

Second Act / Infancy

Raw Oyster with Sturgeon Caviar and Blinq Blossom.
Duck Foie and Smoked Eel with Togarashi Shrimps with Apple.
Lobster, Mantis Shrimp and Clum in Bísquet-Agar of its own Juice,
Plankton Umami Emulsion and Dilsea and Moss Sunomomo.

Third Act / Adolescence

Passion Fruit and Wild Berries Geleé.
Ostrich Sirloin with Tamarind and Cherry Tomatoes Marmalade, CRU-veg
and Flowers Salad with Honey Rum Acetate.

Fourth Act / Youth

Cabbage Kimchi with Foaming Mango.
Tofu and Baby Artichoke Hearts with Endives in Two Textures.
Lamb Chops with Granade Glasé and Coal Gel.

Fifth Act / Maturity

Blackberries in Dark Chocolate Honey Bath and Mint Peas.
California Nuts in Dry Orange Syrup and Turkish Roses Jam.
Chestnut and Peanut Praliné, Custard Apple Sponge and Picoco Marmalade.

Final Act / Beyond All

Final Cocktail.

With a Special Wine-pairing
Wines Selection, Champagne,…

WELCOME TO 2017 / 11:50 pm

(12 Lucky Grapes, Toast with Dom Pérignon at Lobby)

PRIVATE PARTY / 00:01 / 04:30 am

Open-Bare / Premium Brands
Dj Set
Live Orchestra
Sensual Perfomance (Tribute to Moulin Rouge)
* Service in Restaurant Santo will nish at 11:50 pm


Restaurante Santo.

EME Catedral Hotel

Tlf: +34 954 56 0000

Admission: Adults Only.

The information in this brochure may be subject to change due to circumstances beyond EME Catedral Hotel

Life’s Night is the unique experience designed by EME Catedral Hotel Team
for you to enjoy the most special December 31st of your life.
A warm welcoming to 2017 starting from afternoon and lasting
till the following morning.
A great attention to detail has been paid for you
to enjoy an unforgettable soiree.
The whole Team awaits the pleasure
of your company.


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