Grilled Menu



We have defined the menu that you can enjoy this summer in our Restaurant The Terrace of EME.
To have dinner in Seville this summer  with a different touch, with flavors and delicious
material in dishes that you will undoubtedly remember. From starters that refresh to the most intense
taste of  grilled fish and grilled meats. And you know, that in an incomparable environment.
Enjoy dinner in front of the giralda, like every season, in Seville to have a perfect night.

 New menu


Summer salad
Tomato water, feta cheese and delicatessen products
Prawns from Huelva
Prawn ceviche with citrus fruits and blinis
Grilled white asparagus
Asparagus with mirin, piquillo pepper purée, grilled artichokes and coconut
Grilled heart skewer
Chicken skewer with lardo heart, chicken wings and soya sauce reduction

FISH (choose 1)

Grilled turbot and cauliflower
Grilled turbot fillet with cauliflower purée, turbot bones and enoki escabeche

Grilled tuna
Smoked grilled tuna fillet with cinnamon and roasted garlic purée, sautéed green beans and chocolate salt

MEAT (choose 1)

Grilled lamb
Grilled lamb chops marinated in juniper with lamb and coconut milk sauce, fried broccoli and crispy tapioca pearls

Beef fillet
Grilled beef with chicken and pine nut sauce, candy beetroot sprouts and beetroot chips


Mousse and orange chocolates
Orange mousse cake with sesame powder, red wine coulis, orange and Cointreau chocolates

75 €
Including VAT
Drinks not included

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