Vanguardian tasting in a exclusive enviroment (Carta – EN)

An experience through  a new menu in a historic setting.

 New menu


Amuse Bouche de Foie, smoked eel, nectar Pedro Ximénez,
apple and croûtons

Tomato water salad, crabs and trout with water beet cubes, asparagus,
fennel, cucumber, ginger and guacamole

Potatoes with cuttlefish and plankton

FISH (choose 1)

Almadraba tuna ventresca sashimi

Baked monkfish with Enoki and tzatziki mousse

MEAT (choose 1)

Premium beef sirloin steak in its juice and truffles

Duck magret with rhubarb


EME Souflé

Tasty fruit

75 €
Including VAT
Drinks not included